Thursday, 28 February 2013


Hey guys so...if you're bored this Sunday come down to the Masterton SPCA on Ngaumutawa Rd, between 1pm - 3pm and celebrate Childrens Day. There will be lots of fun events for children to participate in and goodies galore!!

If you come down, see if you can spot the JNS crew!! I hope its not too hot for my antartic friend though...we look forward to seeing you there!!!


We have  extended out to Lakeview a JNS committee!! This consists of the Lakeview Leadership group which will assist with all JNS matters alongside the Ambassadors while continuing to be mentored by myself and the penguin through all JNS associated matters.

Here's just a sneak peak at some of the great new JNS leaders from Lakeview!


Myself and the Penguin attended Lakeview School Assembly on Friday and what a HIT!! It was great to see all the kids enthusiasm when introducing them to JNS...or was it the penguin?? LOL!! Anyways it was a great turn out. 

JNS announced the Lakeview Ambassadors for 2013 and they are... 
Head Boy: Sam Callaghan and 
Head Girl: Emily Luxford. 

Thanks Lakeview we look forward to seeing you at the next assembly!! I hope you kids have got your 'THINKING CAPS' on and are coming up with some really neat and fantastic ideas about how you can get nominated! 

Do you know anyone you could nominate who shows pride and spirit within their community and at school. Takes it upon themselves to achieve great things not just for themselves but for others....and just because they want to not because they have been told to. Then we would love to know all about it!!!

Nomination boxes are currently located at Genesis Recreation Centre, Wairarapa Community Centre, Masterton Primary School and Lakeview Primary School.

We have more boxes on the way and they will be located at the following designations so keep an eye out; Masterton District Council, Masterton Library and Colombo Road East Side Dairy.

If you have any questions you want to ask...then please post a comment!! We'd love to hear from you!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013


BIG thanks to Fernridge School yr 6 class for having JNS attend on Friday!! I look forward to working with you into 2013 and onwards!! I cant wait to see what kids will be nominated for!! I'll see you in an assembly soon...!!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

HERES A HEADS UP LAKEVIEW... JNS is headed your way!!! you're keen to come and share in the launch of JNS with Lakeview...then we would love to see you there!!

Launch date: Friday 22nd February 1.30pm Lakeview School Assembly!

Along with myself (JNS coordinator), our JNS mascot (the penguin) and Tim Nelson (JNS Staff Liaison for Lakeview), we will introduce what JNS is and how you can become apart of the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) programme within your school!!

It is hoped that we will be able to announce the JNS ambassadors (leaders) at this assembly and gift them with their special hoodies and badges!!

JNS counts on your support, so we look forward to seeing you there!