Monday, 10 December 2012


Congratulations to our two nominees from MPS; Willow Hodson and Charlie Lawson!

Awesome work guys on your nominations!! You both did some fantastic work within your school and public community. You did the work without being asked and for everyones benefit too!

If your interested in finding out what Willow and Charlie did to receive a certificate and gift voucher, then write into me and tell me some of your ideas....and i'll share theirs with you

Monday, 3 December 2012

JNS MASCOT has him at a school near you!!!

JNS Mascot and Sarah Taylor-Waitere JNS Coordinator

Our Junior Neighbourhood Support mascot has arrived!! The first day of introductions were made at the Masterton Principals Association meeting...last one for 2012...!

He's a friendly wee fella and is keeping his eye out for you! He wants to shake the hands of those kids that are being nominated and give them a great big flipper 'high five'!!!

He hopes to attend his first school assembly at Masterton Primary School end of December!! See you then kids!!!