Monday 9 June 2014

JNS Award for Elise Jung-Leask from MPS

A big JNS congratulations to Elise Jung-Leask from Masterton Primary school who was nominated for a JNS award. Elise found a crying child on the street, comforted her and walked her to school. Thank you so much for keeping this young girl safe  and making sure she got to school ...

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Thursday 8 May 2014

Welcome to our new Fernridge JNS Ambassadors

Another big JNS welcome to this years JNS Ambassadors at Fernridge School. They are Jayden Watt, Logan Howard, Rose Cox, Joel Linders and Isabelle Clark ....

Welcoming the new Masterton Primary schools JNS Ambassadors ...

A big JNS welcome to Masterton Primary school's new JNS Ambassadors Alisha Walczak

Craig Oliver, Jade Malton, Madison Foote and Shaye Dennison ...

Carterton School JNS award - Jack Britland

In its first term Carterton school received a number of fantastic nominations however a real stand out nomination was for Jack Britland. Jack was nominated by one of Carterton's school teachers Melanie Macgregor for his quick thinking and bravery at the school swimming sports event.

Jack noticed a younger student in trouble in the bigger pool and jumped in to hold him up and raise his arm for a lifeguard.

Ka pai Jack your teachers, fellow students, Sparky and the JNS team feel this nomination and reward was well deserved ....

Jack receiving his goody bag and certificate from Mrs Macgregor,  Sparky and the JNS team 

Monday 3 March 2014

Thursday 27 February 2014

Welcome Carterton School ....

Today the JNS Team Jo and Sparky went to our first school assembly at Carterton School ... We met our awesome new JNS Ambassadors, Krysta Johnson, Mia Prichard, Lola Hallbrook, Rebecca Johnson and Mya White along with their staff liaison Melanie. We look forward to working with you all at Carterton School ... 

Carterton School staff Liaison Melanie

Sparky and Jo 

An attentive audience 

Welcoming our JNS Ambassadors 

Sparky and Jo with everyone 

Thursday 13 February 2014

Golden Shears - Sheep decorating competition

Thank you again to all the schools and early childhood centres that participated in this fantastic event. There were some amazing designs and colourful creativity ... Our winning school flock was from St Patricks school with Fernridge and Lakeview receiving runner up ribbons ...

Here are just a few of the outstanding creations from this weeks display in the Town square ...  

St Patricks winner of the school flock - Ka Pai!

St Patricks 

Carterton School

'Dolly' The Sheep



Caretrton School 

Lakeview School 

Our Mayor Lyn Patterson, Sarah Taylor-Waitere, JNS Co-ordinator and friends