Monday, 10 December 2012


Congratulations to our two nominees from MPS; Willow Hodson and Charlie Lawson!

Awesome work guys on your nominations!! You both did some fantastic work within your school and public community. You did the work without being asked and for everyones benefit too!

If your interested in finding out what Willow and Charlie did to receive a certificate and gift voucher, then write into me and tell me some of your ideas....and i'll share theirs with you

Monday, 3 December 2012

JNS MASCOT has him at a school near you!!!

JNS Mascot and Sarah Taylor-Waitere JNS Coordinator

Our Junior Neighbourhood Support mascot has arrived!! The first day of introductions were made at the Masterton Principals Association meeting...last one for 2012...!

He's a friendly wee fella and is keeping his eye out for you! He wants to shake the hands of those kids that are being nominated and give them a great big flipper 'high five'!!!

He hopes to attend his first school assembly at Masterton Primary School end of December!! See you then kids!!!

Sunday, 4 November 2012


We have nominations coming in...but we can never have to many!! Do you know anyone you could nominate who shows pride and spirit within their community and at school. Takes it upon themselves to achieve great things not just for themselves but for others....and just because they want to not because they have been told to. Then we would love to know all about it!!!

Nomination boxes are currently located at Genesis Recreation Centre, Wairarapa Community Centre, Masterton Primary School and Lakeview Primary School.

We have more boxes on the way and they will be located at the following designations so keep an eye out; Masterton District Council, Masterton Library and Colombo Road East Side Dairy.

Please make any comments regarding JNS we would love to hear from you!!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

JNS Launch at Masterton Primary School

Today we launched the beginning of the JNS programme at Masterton Primary School!!!

As the JNS Coordinator I attended the MPS school assembly to present the programme and what a great crowd of kids and teachers there were.

We have officially assigned two JNS Ambassadors for MPS who are; Alisha Walczak yr4 and Benjamin Wakefield yr4. They were presented their badges and tops and will represent JNS within their school while being mentored by myself and supported by the JNS Staff Liaison, Sue Smith.

What a great response too from the kids, they were very attentive and from this I hope we will only receive further nominations! Mrs Smith informed us today that there has already been one special nomination made.

I will be working with the ambassadors over the next couple of weeks setting JNS up at MPS within the classrooms while continuing to work in the surrounding local and business community to raise their awareness of JNS also.

If you wish to make a nomination please access our website and enter JNS or; please see the Masterton Primary School office where the nomination forms and box is available.

We need your nominations to make it count for the kids that make it count!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

These are the Junior Neighbourhood Support nomination boxes. You can find these located at your local Community Centre in Perry Street, Masterton District Council, Genesis Recreation Centre and at this stage; Masterton Primary School and Lakeview School.

Where each nomination box is located there is also nomination forms provided.

You can also make nominations on our website @:

JNS Mascot....can you spot him about town?


Masterton Safe and Healthy Community Council announces the launch of Wairarapa Junior Neighbourhood Support.
The aim of Junior Neighbourhood Support is to promote a sense of pride, safety and community spirit in children, their schools and their wider community.

The new initiative commencing with Lakeview and Masterton Primary Schools, rewards and recognises primary and intermediate school students who have completed an activity at their school, home or in their community that contributes to the aim of the project.

Examples of the activity areas include: bike safety, preventing bullying, school or street clean ups, reducing school gate congestion, reporting graffiti, awareness/assistance with fire/police services, encouraging their families to participate in Neighbourhood Support, helping a neighbour, evacuation plans etc. Family values of being polite towards others by using manners and taking initiative can be recognised, we want to encourage positive behaviour.

Children performing any of these ‘safety activities’ can be nominated by school teachers, principals, community members such as local business’s and the general public; for a recognition award and prize pack in their school assembly.

Outstanding nominations will be entered into an achiever of the year JNS prize- giving to be held at the end of each year, where the young person will receive further awards and prizes.

Nomination boxes and forms can be located at your local Community Centre, District Council, Genesis Recreation Centre, Lakeview Primary School, Masterton Primary School or on our website;
JNS Coordinator, Sarah Taylor-Waitere said “There are further locations coming so look out and help these kids make it count!”

JNS is endorsed by Neighborhood Support New Zealand.

Ms Taylor-Waitere hopes to continue building networks with further Wairarapa schools and interested Principals can contact her on 3788900.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Welcome to Junior Neighbourhood Support Wairarapa!

Junior Neighbourhood Support is ready to begin its first LAUNCH to two local schools on Monday 20th of August 2012....stick around and I'll update you as things progress!